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Meet us!

We’re seasoned California BROKER REALTORS® experienced in many facets of the commercial and residential real estate market.

With an extensive background in working directly with major banks negotiating difficult real estate transactions. We’ve mastered the skills to negotiate the best outcome for our clients. This experience sets us apart from other agents.

We’ll personally guide you through the listing, buying or short sale process. Our results will give you the best case outcome and protection of your assets.

Selling and buying homes is complex. Negotiating with parties and lenders is daunting and can be an overwhelming task for many real estate agents without our background and savvy negotiating skills.

Think about this…your local neighborhood agent, although they may be anxious to take your listing, is usually woefully unequipped to see it through to a successful conclusion. We have the chops and negotiating prowess to make it happen. 

Our passion for service has developed into coaching & training other real estate brokers and agents how to successfully negotiate the daunting world of real estate.

Our CV includes REALTORS® (since 2004); National Association of REALTORS®; California Association of REALTORS® Legislative Lobbyists; Citrus Valley Association of REALTORS® Membership Value Committee Members; Educators with Harris University (2009-2014); National Trainers Fresh Start Housing Program (2012 – 2015). We also have advanced degrees in Business and Science that give you the confidence that you’re not dealing with inexperience.

If it’s important to you…our list of awards includes The Luxury Distressed Property Designation, The Certified Distressed Property Designation and National Association of Realtors: Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource Designation.

As keynote speakers and authors of Should I Short Sell My Home? , we have been featured in the media for our knowledge and success of the Short Sale process and the US Treasury’s Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Act or HAFA.

Other experiences…

We are also publishers of Bungalow, a California lifestyle magazine that is geared towards homeowners. And founders of professional business groups including, Strategic Defaults, California Short Sales and Sub Prime Recovery Group.

Helping Homeowners is our first priority…Discretion is our duty.

Please call or text us 714-615-7605.

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CA BRE #01458057 & #01464957


Fresh Eggs From Fresh Chicks

Chickens!  Yes they started as a thought and have transformed into a full time obsession.   We are often asked about the chicks and their eggs.  In an effort to share a little about the different breeds and their eggs, we created this quick intro for each so you can see just how interesting they are and how much joy they bring to “Darney Farms”.


 …don’t be shy…call or text us 714-615-7605.

If you like YouTube…visit Kris & Kim’s VLOGS on YouTube

Polish Crested


Buff Orphington


Turken Naked Neck


Silkies – Brown and White




Black Sex Link


Bantam Frizzles. Bantam  = Small and Aggressive


Giant Silver Cochin


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