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Are You 1 of 59 Million Planning Buy home in 2017

Are You 1 of the 59 Million Planning to Buy This Year?

According to a survey conducted by, one in four Americans are considering buying a home this year. As a result, if this statistic proves to be true, 59 million people will be looking to buy a home in 2017. So the question is, are you 1 of 59 Million Planning Buy home in 2017?

The survey also revealed 3 key takeaways:

  • First of all, those most likely to buy are ‘Older Millennials’ (ages 27-36) or ‘Generation X’ (ages 37-52)
  • Minorities, particularly African-Americans, were twice as likely considering purchasing a home this year than white respondents.
  • Many potential buyers believe they need to put 20% down and need to have perfect credit. As a result, most are unaware of programs that would allow them to buy now.

Now’s the time to buy.

Holden Lewis, a real estate mortgage analyst for, pointed to one big reason why many Americans are starting to consider homeownership:

“Having kids and raising a family is a primary reason why Americans take the leap into homeownership—many consider it a key component of the American dream.”

Are You 1 of 59 Million Planning Buy home in 2017?

Bottom Line

If buying a home is a part of your dream for 2017, let’s get together to determine if you are able to purchase sooner than later (too late).

Real estate is great investment for your families future.

Kris and Kim Darney – REALTORS® – Grandparents – 714.657.6634
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