It’s crazy…I was just reading an article from Richard Davies (ABC News) stating that the housing foreclosure crisis is clearly over!  Yay!

Bollocks to you Richard Davies!  You’re clearly high off the Obama fumes.

Recent numbers place California in the same state of affairs it was just 6 months back!  Roughly 6.8 Million SFR mortgages of which 2.3 million are close to or are clearly underwater. A rise in interest rates could throw this number even further into the red…which, is likely to happen over the next few months…above the 5% level!  :/

Foreclosures have slowed over the summer to to a Letter  from CA Office of Comp Controller foreclosure_standards_42013 placing banks on notice that they better get their foreclosures right or else!

It sucks that media reporters don’t look at the entire picture.  California should be the first state that all reporters examine prior to letting their nonsense spew.

2.3 Million California Homeowners Are "Imminent" or Clearly Underwater

2.3 Million California Homeowners Are “Imminent” or Clearly Underwater










Short Sales are HERE TO STAY! Just my thoughts.

Have a blessed day!

Kris Darney

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